People are always trying to fit in, be accepted, be liked but at what price? What even is “normal”… does anyone know?
How AMAZING could you be if you really lived your own truth, followed your heart, reached for something no one else has ever tried? Sure it’s scary. Sure it’s risky. Sure nothing is guaranteed.

In the movie The Wind and the Lion, at the end of the movie, Sean Conery who was the Bedouin Chief, Raisuli, loses the last battle and when his friend reports it he says this…
Sherif of Wazan : Great Raisuli, we have lost everything. All is drifting on the wind as you said. We have lost everything.

Raisuli : Sherif, is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?

Sometimes that has to be the mindset if you ever want to be AMAZING even if it didn’t turn out the way you wanted just to be in the realm of AMAZING is has to be something we all try at least once. Enjoy your AMAZING endeavor.

Duke Clarke

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