This is one question people ask me the most, which takes me by surprise. To me, Daring & UnAfraid is self-defined. I think of it as the phrase No Fear, Life is Good, and Young & Reckless, what more needs to be said.
So here is my definition of Daring & UnAfraid, it is the phrase of inspiration and courage.
This two-part phrase is the ingredients for success.

1 Daring; one must be inspired and motivated in life to make necessary changes or start a desired project.

2 UnAfraid; is simply having the courage to stay with your desires even when life starts kicking the crap out of you.

It’ that simple to me, but the real question is, what does it say to you? What picture comes to you in your mind? What do you think about when you hear the phrase Daring & UnAfraid?

I hope that helps.
Have a Great Day, Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, Live It!

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