A Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid

Learner’s definition of VULNERABLE

2: open to attack, harm, or damage

We must be willing to put ourselves on the line when we are dealing with others and reaching beyond ourselves. I open myself to criticism daily with every post I make, I’m I making sense on what I want to say, is my spelling correct, does anybody even care what I’m doing.

Like Jim Carrey would say “you must willing to seen” or Michael Strahan from the NFL would say “you must be willing to be a fool in front of other”

Most are more concern about what others are going to say and that turns them back from moving forward.

We must be Vulnerable if we are ever going to reach our desires.

When I get criticized I ask, show me your project and most don’t have one. It’s always easy to criticize the players on the field from the sidelines.

So go ahead and be seen and if others think you’re a fool, so be it, keep moving ahead.

Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, Live It!

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