The Korner is located at the crossroads of Seely, Raritan, and Bayview Avenues in Keansburg New Jersey, and at this crossroads, it was a great meeting place for some of the kids in that section of town to meet up and walk to school together and vice versa for the walk home.
   As time went on, The Korner became a neutral meeting place for the afternoon, evening, and as well as weekend activities. It was convenient to say, "I'll meet you at the Korner." The Korner also was a convenient location to go to and sit on the mailbox when you weren't sure what was happening for the night. We would sit on the mailbox (if you were the first one there) and wait for others to show up.
    These types of meeting locations were in most sections of Keansburg. Some of the other sites that the locals would hang out where Main Street, The Boardwalk, The Wall, Carpenters, Grovingers, ext. It was like today's internet system.  

A must pilgrimage to add to your bucket list.