I just returned from a family wedding that was held out of state, which was a wonderful time. The young couple seems to have a bright future together; God Bless them.
As for the rest of the family, not all, but some, their future isn’t looking so bright, sad, but true.

When I get to see peoples live over the years, and they seem to be stuck in the same old same old painful behaviors and problems, it makes me wonder why, why, why.

Why doesn’t this person or couple make some changes in their lives for the better? Are they so attached to their lifestyle of pain that they can’t see the trees through the forest and they believe that there’s nothing to see here?

Are they so fearful of change that it’s easier to ride out the storm?
Or are they denying denying denying that it’s not me, it’s you, that has a problem?

I’m not a mind reader, so I can only guess. And whatever the answer is they just seem to go on year after year living a life that is less and less desirable, so sad.

That why it’s time to awaken! And ask some critical questions. Who I’m I, and how did I get here? Take a good look around, and ask yourself, does my lifestyle look out of focus? Is doing what I’m doing adding value to my life and others? Would I be friends with or married to someone like myself? Maybe, just maybe, I’m the one that’s, has a problem?

These are questions that only you can and must answer. As much as I would love to grab some people by their shoulders and shake them, saying, “wake the f up!” I simply can not. Just as for my life and your, the awaking must come from within. And for most people, those questions get answered many times after great tragedy and loss.

But life doesn’t need to be that way. We can become more and more proactive and be co-creators of our lives. We can break the chains of despair and fear. We can live beyond our self-limiting beliefs. It is available to live a victorious life in our relationships, marriages, careers, health, finances, etc. it can be done.

BUT, I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the exact answer for your life. But what I can do for you is to introduce you to information that I have explored and used myself to change my life from dysfunctional to living a life of Daring & UnAfraid.

If you’re looking to make out some changes in your life, please don’t hesitate to explore some life-changing information on my webpage.

Rich, Living Daring & UnAfraid.

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