Is this COVID-19 real? Yes, it is.
Is the government’s (democrats) and the media’s reaction to it, a hoax? (I) believe it is, and here’s why.

I have two family members on my wife’s side of the family, one who has been infected and recovered, and the other who has recently been affected.

I’m a man of common sense, and my little brain tells me that if this COVID-19 was a deadly virus, then why would my wife’s niece’s husband be allowed to quarantine with his wife and child for 14 days in the same space? (I) would think that if the COVID-19 was a deadly virus, the infected one should be in a hospital. That’s where sick people go, isn’t it? That’s just my thinking.

The other one is my mother in law. Who is in her eighties, and lives with her husband, who is also in his eighties. Now she also is being told to quarantine at home with her husband, who isn’t diagnosed with the COVID-19. Now again, my little brain is telling me that my mother in law who in the high-risk area should be in the hospital (there are plenty of beds in New York) and not quarantining with her husband.

What I’m (I) missing here?

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