What you are will show in what you do – Thomas Edison.

I find that on a good day and with my best intentions it’s difficult to get the job done right, never mind if I was slacking off.
How would you like to put your name on your work for all to see? What do you think your mother, spouse, or maybe even your kids would think of the quality of work you perform? Would they be proud of you? Would your mother say that you are her son or daughter or would she hid her head in shame?
Even though your family and friends may never see your work, it doesn’t matter. Everything gives off a positive or negative vibration, and the vibration you leave behind in your work will affect others. And even though they may never know your name, they know who you are by the quality of your work.

Be the best you-you can be and let it show in your work.

Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, the ingredients for success!

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