From time to time in my quest to bring my message of Daring & UnAfraid to life, I fall victim to despair. The day by day battle of overcoming many disappointments, dealing with personal shortcomings, not meeting set expectations, plus the distractions of my daily life, all add up and captures one’s soul.

The constant erosion of my faith in fighting these daily battles makes me lose sight on my original objective, which is to do my best to share what has helped me to live a better life with like-minded people.

It is easy to stray off course in our journeys and find ourselves entangled in some foreign land wondering where we are and how do we find our way home. It is in these times that we must stop and refocus. Walk away if we must from our goals for a short time and go fishing, maybe a shopping spree, or perhaps some time with an old friend to allow our minds to clear out from the noise of the world that slowly in cases us.

Again, it happens to the best of us, so when you find yourself in this position don’t let it defeat you. Just take the necessary time and or activity to readjust.

So thank you for hearing me out here. I felt that I owed an explanation on why I pulled a disappearing act for the past ten days or more. But It feels good to be back and thank you all for your understanding.

Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, Live It!

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