All of these motivational and inspirational videos, they keep saying the same things over and over. Daring & UnAfraid isn’t about being extreme and over the top in life. Daring & UnAfraid isn’t about running ultramarathons, opening million business, or about selling you a pie in the sky dream. Daring & UnAfraid also isn’t about living your life below par or just being average.
So what is it then? Daring & UnAfraid is about you living your life; however, you may see it. It’s about you being the best you-you can be; however, you see yourself. It’s about you. May the real you step up. Daring & UnAfraid is about thinking and deciding for yourself your path in life. It’s about you having the courage to stand alone if necessary so that the real you can shine forth.
Daring & UnAfraid is about having the inspiration and courage to live the life you decide to live; it’s that simple.

May the real you step forward.

Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, Live It!

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