A Life Lesson

Today, Drugs are becoming more and more acceptable in our society. The government is passing new laws to legalize marijuana and giving support and free needles to drug users. I do believe it’s sending the wrong message to Americans today.

I do believe that marijuana should be decriminalized. I don’t believe that a responsible teenager or adult should serve time for using what is called today, a recreational drug. It’s a matter of choice.

Now that I got that out of the way, if you’re trying to improve your life, drugs aren’t the answer. Marijuana, alcohol, or any other form of dependent you may be using is the wrong path.

From my own experience, those dependents keep you from reaching your full potential. The biggest problem is, it keeps you in a stage of numbness, not genuinely experiencing your life in it’s purest form. Dependents stump your maturity level, and they never allow you to deal with life in a reasonable and responsible manner. Which has caused me many problems in my relationships, and many other areas of my life.

If you’re endeavoring to reach your highest potential, you must free yourself from any form of dependency you may be using. Allow yourself to experience the emotions of life as a mature, responsible, and reasonable adult. Don’t be cool! But be Daring & UnAfraid to face life head on.

Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, Feel It!

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