Wednesday is Character Building Day.

Daring & UnAfraid’s Acronym

Well, we made it! The last letter of the Daring & UnAfraid acronym. And it’s probably the most important.

The (d) in UnAfraid stands for being Driven; Driven is defined in Webster’s as being very determined to succeed.

Becoming successful isn’t easy. It’s going to take everything you can mustard up to stay in the game and climb your way to the top. There are going to be many, many disappointments, setbacks, failures, fears that will arise, plus personal shortcomings and weaknesses that will be exposed also on your path to success.

Being Driven is utilizing the maximum of your mental and physical capacity to endure in your daily pursuit of success. Practicing and building the characteristics listed here in the Daring & UnAfraid’s acronym and many more are vital ingredients in your journey to success.

I can tell you first hand that you must be driven or you will fall short of your dreams because the daily challenges of life will cause you to fall and turn back from your pursuit of success.

Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid, the formula for success

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