A Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid

Having Perseverance Webster’s: continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition  All of us face difficulties, failure, or opposition in our endeavors in life, it’s nothing personal. Living life in itself is unfair and difficult it affects us all without any bias of race, gender, religion, and so on you name it. […]


A Characteristic of Living Life Daring & UnAfraid Learner’s definition of RESOURCEFUL: able to deal well with new or difficult situations and to find solutions to problems – a resourceful leader The world at times can be very bleak and lonely on the surface but if your willing to see beyond your circumstances and think as they say […]

Life Lessons

Getting the best education, you can achieve in life is one of the keys to living a successful life. There are many arguments today as if a person needs a college education or not. There are many wonderful careers today that don’t require a college education. But that’s doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t endeavor to […]


A Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid Some say that “It’s better to be lucky than good” and that’s how they explain away another person’s good fortune and their own lack of it. Lucky is one of the most misunderstood terms used today. It’s like saying that a successful person is privileged. Luck or privileged […]


Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid BEARING Definition: Bearing is the way you conduct and carry yourself. Your manner should reflect alertness, competence, confidence, and control. Suggestions for Improvement: To develop bearing, you should hold yourself to the highest standards of personal conduct. Never be content with meeting only the minimum requirements. Marine Corps Leadership […]

Daring & UnAfraid’s Acronym

Wednesday is Character Building Day. Daring & UnAfraid’s Acronym Well, we made it! The last letter of the Daring & UnAfraid acronym. And it’s probably the most important. The (d) in UnAfraid stands for being Driven; Driven is defined in Webster’s as being very determined to succeed. Becoming successful isn’t easy. It’s going to take […]

Today is Characteristic of Living Life Daring & UnAfraid Day

Persistence Learner’s definition of PERSISTENCE: the quality that allows someone to continue doing something or trying to do something even though it is difficult or opposed by other people I believe that persistence is one of the most necessary characteristics a person must have and continue to build in their life. At times we are […]

Wednesday is Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid Day.

Daring & UnAfraid’s Acronym The, (i) in UnAfraid stands for being Independent, which is defined in Webster’s as acting or thinking freely instead of being controlled by others. Being an independent thinker is an enormous characteristic to have in today’s world. Most people today, are being led by a set of ideas and beliefs of […]