Healthy Mind Healthy Life

Keeping your brain and body in the most optimal shape is necessary for living a life, Daring & UnAfraid. #health #daring #unafraid #body #mind

A Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid

Being Vulnerable: open to attack; offended or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally. At times following your dreams or going against the grain will leave you open to must criticism which you need you to endure and overcome. Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid.

It’s not so Famous “Quote” Day

“Courage is a muscle; you must exercise it” – Glenn Beck Stepping outside of your safe space will help you to exercise your courage muscle. Rich @ Daring & UnAfraid #quotestoliveby #courage #motivation

Healthy Mind and Body

5 daily habits for a healthier + happier life You can only go as far as you are healthy #healthylifestyle #HealthyLiving #Mindset #bodypositivity #daringandunafraid

A Characteristic of Living Daring & UnAfraid

Flexible: willing to change or try something different Most of life isn’t going to go as planned so we must be able and willing to be flexible to reach our desired goal #character #flexibility #characteristic #daring #unafraid